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» » » Measure It 1.1 - Free Update

Measure It 1.1 - Free Update

23 June 2014

Measure It 1.1 - Free Update

Add new Offset R and L features to hide a part of lateral line when you measure L shape object

The update is free for all customers who have already bought the plugin

How to update the plugin:
Download again the package and replace the plugin folder measureit
If you get error messages on console please
- Close Cinema
- Go to Cinema 4D preferences folder under subfolder "pref" delete file "symbolcache"
- Restart Cinema


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  1. Comment by: mmm79 on date: 19.03.2016 21:31:04

    Hello there, I have tried to purchase the plugin but unfortunately the site is apparently broken. Should I wait for maintenance or are you not in business anymore? Thanks a lot, I love your collection of plugins.

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