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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Poly Breaker 2.0

Poly Breaker 2.0

Plugin for Cinema 4D R13/14/15/16/17/18/19 for breaking every kind of polygon objects. Combined with Cinema 4D dynamics features it makes possible to create awesome effects!


PolyBreaker is a very simple plugin for breaking polygon objects.
Using objects with thickness, like primitive objects or your custom poly objects, you can crush your selected object and choose the fragmentation type without changing the original shape.

PolyBreaker can make fragmented objects by setting different kind of parameters like strength breaking which can allow to create cube-shaped blocks or splinters. All fragments will be grouped into two Null Object: internal fragments hierarchy and external fragments hierarchy.
With our plugin you can also use UV Projection for breaking the polygon faces and keep their external texture perfectly intact. PolyBreaker with three simple parameters handles the numbers of fractures from a few to a lot! You will enjoy yourselves to crumble walls or destroy logos.

PolyBreaker works with all rendering engines because the fragmented final object is a polygon object and it is not necessary to have installed the plugin to open your scene file.

Pay Attention!
The plugin doesnʼt make any kind of animations, It breaks only objects, we advice you to use PolyBreaker combined with Cinema 4D dynamics features.

Cinema4D and system requirement:

-Cinema4D release R13/14/15/16/17/18/19

-OSX Snow Leopard or greater

-Windows 7 32/64 bit or greater

WARNING: - PolyBreaker will be activated based on your hardware configuration, there is not connection between PolyBreaker and Cinema4D serials, so if you need to reinstall your Cinema4D or change its serials you can find the Licence Key into C4Dzone order details, otherwise you can backup your PolyBreaker folder already activated. The License Key works only on a single computer. PolyBreaker can be activated for max 3 times, based on 3 different hardware configurations.

If you need help feel free to visit our support forum on www.c4dzone.com or write an email to matteo@c4dzone.com cc: info@c4dzone.com and specify Order Id, plugin name, your operating system, a description of your trouble

After purchase the plugin you can download it immediately for maximum three time. Go on your Orders list.

Before purchasing the plugin be sure that this software meets your needs, there is no refund policy

Upgrading Cinema 4D to a newer release requires a new fresh installation of the plugin and the request of a new activation code

While activating the plugin, if you get "error during activation" just run cinema 4d as administrator only for the plugin activation

Developed by Matteo Porchedda from C4Dzone staff.

Price: € 9,00 + VAT


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Tags: plugins


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