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How to avoid Booleans with Hardsurface Modeling

Forum for: Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Composting and the whole general usage of Cinema4D.

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How to avoid Booleans with Hardsurface Modeling

Messaggioda Akim » mer feb 05, 2014 6:18 pm

Salam dear community,

My actual project is to model a Technics SL1210 MkII Turntable, as detailed as possible (Image 1). The parts are very geometrical (Circles, Rectangles), nothing really complex in this Object.

However, I can't figure out how to avoid Boolean operations to model the Case.
Using an orthographic Image of the Turntable, I created Splines to model the Cutouts (Image 2). I subtract those from a rectangle spline, which represents the complete case.

Then I tried two methods : Combining all Splines (Cutouts + Rectangle Case) using Spline Mask Objects to one single spline which is then extruded.
The other method : Combine only the Cutout Splines, extrude them and Subtract this Polygonal object from a polygonal rectangle (the Case) using Boolean Operations.
In the end I use "Current State to Object" to make everything editable.

In regard of the result, both Methods work good but the Topology of course is a Mess (Image 3). When I want to add a bevel to the Edges of the Case (the big rectangle), I get weird results. One Edge is beveled correctly, the others get subdivided but are beveled into the object and therefore flat (Image 4).. I checked the Bevel Attributes but could'nt fix this problem.

The only other Option I know would be to use Subdivision Surfaces. So model the Cutouts with polygons and smooth it, add edge loops to sharpen the cutouts. But is it possible to get perfect circle cutouts ? How much subdivions will I need on the Base Rectangle to get good results?

What other Options could I use to model the case? Except for the Vinyl and Tonearm (but those are separate objects), nothing will be animated. It will not be deformed or used for realtime-purposes, so I can live with N-Gons. I want to create a Mesh as clean and as low-poly as possible.

Do N-Gons create faulty results in the Shading / Reflection (like lines or wrongly shaded surfaces) ? Any Irregularities in the UVs that lead to errors when textured/lightened?

Can anyone help me with this Problem??
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Iscritto il: mer feb 05, 2014 5:21 pm

Re: How to avoid Booleans with Hardsurface Modeling

Messaggioda cappellaiomatto » mer feb 05, 2014 9:43 pm

Hi akim
For a better mesh I advice you to avoid using boolean and model the base using P2P mixed with Box modeling in base of your skill and your preferences.

of course this is not an easy model, it require a lot of patience. pfiu
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Re: How to avoid Booleans with Hardsurface Modeling

Messaggioda iskander71 » gio lug 10, 2014 3:30 am

I think the best way to avoid booleans is to take total control of what you want to do. For that, I suggest you to introduce and more with subdivision modeling, wich is, for me, the key for avoiding all booleans issues, and more.
The " restriction " is that it is not a button where to clic it is relativly "long" effort to know rules, how to do, etc....But it is not impossible at all. With help of internet & good guys, we can introduce and practice subdivision modeling,
making our 'job' more efficient, more control, and maybe it is what they learn at school of 3d, I guess.
Anyway, I encourage you to try to take a look.
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Re: How to avoid Booleans with Hardsurface Modeling

Messaggioda visualtricks » gio lug 10, 2014 11:27 am

Hi, there is a neat script and also a plugin to arrange points and polygons in a circle shape, very useful to cut holes in hard surfaces. You can find the script here on forum too: http://www.c4dzone.com/it/forum/viewtop ... 46#p111346
and the plugin here: http://coffeestock.lk6.co/Blog/?page_id=172
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Re: How to avoid Booleans with Hardsurface Modeling

Messaggioda Akim » lun ago 04, 2014 9:35 pm

thank you very much for the replies!

iskander71, some months ago I re-modelled the Turntable with SubD and the result is already much better than my previous tries, but I have major Topology issues like really strange poles with hundreds of edges. So far there are no artifacts in the shading and since the Mesh will not be deformed I decided to accept it.
Wow your Youtube Channel is amazing! So many tutorials dedicated to Sub-D, I will definetly check it out! I really like Sub-D modeling but I don't master it very well yet, those tutorials are exactly what I was looking for. thank you very much!

visualtricks, amazing what a really nice plugin!! this also helps finally solving my issue with the turntable :)

i will keep you up to date about the progress
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Iscritto il: mer feb 05, 2014 5:21 pm

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