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Import OBJ sequence and place it in frames sequentially

Forum for: Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Composting and the whole general usage of Cinema4D.

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Import OBJ sequence and place it in frames sequentially

Messaggioda NZNZ » ven dic 28, 2012 2:56 am

Hello C4Dzone community ! My name is Emmanuel Pidré and this is my very first thread. I think I need some help from advanced users. I am a programmer focused in generative art with experimental animation in 3D (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generative_art). I use mainly Processing (http://processing.org/), for the people that don´t have any idea I recomend them to take a look.

Processing is an amazing tool to work with very complex mathematical fuctions over the 3D compositions, it let you play really deep with that. But the thing is after a lot of experimentation with programming and coding I want to improve other things like rendering quality, lighting settings, materials, and so on.
So I chose Cinema4D to focus in that part of my work.

So now the problem:

I am trying to figured out the best workflow to mix this two powerful tools, programming with processing and rendering with C4D. Making a quick seach in the internet I found two different ways to do this: (1) Export 1 obj per frame from Processing, so I have my 3D scene in a model for each frame of the animation and then import to C4D and place each model in each frame to reproduce the animation. (2) Export a 3D animation with a format that supports this kind of files and then import to C4D and make the rendering and stuff.
I think that export with a 3D animation format from Processing is not really easy and I am also not sure if is posible with good results. So I think that best way is to export 1 OBJ file per frame and use some kind of script in C4D to place it sequentially.
I am very very new in C4D so I don't really have a deep idea of nothing, I need some kindly help. Can anyone point me to the right direction ?

Here you can DOWNLOAD the model I exported from Processing, to play freely:


And here you can see two images I did with that model:

if you use it somewhere in the internet please put my site ;)

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Re: Import OBJ sequence and place it in frames sequentially

Messaggioda cappellaiomatto » ven dic 28, 2012 11:48 am


I personally do not understand what you are trying to do pfiu

Can you upload a sample image or something that can help us to understand what do you need? ;)

Also make a zip of your model and upload it on the topic with the proper attachment tool within the forum, I try to download the file and sharing system want to install the livid manager (forget it!) :@ ://

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Re: Import OBJ sequence and place it in frames sequentially

Messaggioda visualtricks » ven dic 28, 2012 1:16 pm

Hi and welcome!
If you already have your obj sequence, you can use this little setup to load each object frame by frame: http://paengpaeng.com/2008/09/blender-f ... next-step/ (see step 6 wich holds the link to the importer setup) Its made to import blender fluid simulations into c4d but of course can work with other type of obj sequences.
There might be some others ways, mostly plugin anyway, like Riptide Pro. You can also do the reverse (export obj sequence from c4d) with this p.e: http://aescripts.com/plexus-obj-sequenc ... r-for-c4d/
In R14, you can probably also use the new Alembic export/import to bake virtually any object animation.

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Re: Import OBJ sequence and place it in frames sequentially

Messaggioda NZNZ » sab dic 29, 2012 10:15 pm

Hi guys !

cappellaiomatto > sorry if i didn't explain myself really good:
I do a resume to explain it better. I have 1000 OBJ files. And I want to place each OBJ file in each frame. filename-0000.obj in the frame 0, filename-0001.obj in the frame 1, filename-0002.obj in the frame 2, and so on. So I am asking about which is the best way to do this.

visualtricks > thanks a lot for your help, I took a look of the article you put there but I couldn't get good results, but I think is because I am not good enough in C4D to make it works. I began 5 days ago, just to give you an idea. I will upload the file I made, can you take a look and check if is ok ? I am not really sure where is the problem, if i am uploading bad the files into the C4D or what. It has 10 models.
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