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Cmotion's Character Binding Option Not Working

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:50 pm
by hengie
Hi there.
I am trying to create a walk cycle in c4d using Cmotion's Character option.

I am running c4d R20.028 educational edition on windows 10.

The steps I have done are:

Create a character rig.
Character > Character

Select the template I wanted, so in this case it was a Biped
Choose what components I wanted, so arms, legs and a head.
Once that was done I created a figure.
Create > Object > Figure

Once that was done I selected the character, and using the adjust tab I moved all the joints into place.

Then I went into the Binding tab.
I dragged and dropped the figure into the Binding tab.
I also tried making the figure editable before dropping it into the binding tab but it did nothing when I clicked on Add Walk.
Then lastly I went into the Animate tab and clicked on Add Walk.
If you want me to show anything else, then just let me know.


Re: Cmotion's Character Binding Option Not Working

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:47 am
by masterzone
I never used Motion system for animation but I think you are missing some steps.
When you create a character for AutoRig you must adjust all parts on your character but this one must me polygonal object, also after placed all joints on character parts, legs, foots, must make all joints skinned with the mesh of it. All joints must be linked with "bind" command on character menu > commands > bind. This is the skinning area of the rigging.
All joints must works on their area by using the weight tool.
After rigged the character you can proceed with C-Motion