make objects collide in editor

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make objects collide in editor

Post by AltoFlash »

i think this might be a really basic thing, but i can't come up with the search terms for it, or even if is a thing.

is there a way to have objects collide each other while editing, like, if i'm moving an object and try to move it through another one, it would just "press" against it, as if they were "solid"?

i feel kinda dumb in here, please correct me if i have my concepts mixed up.

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Re: make objects collide in editor

Post by masterzone »

This is the first tip in my mind 😅.
Use rigid body dynamics tag in both object where the first is a collider (collider body) and the second is a rigid body.
Clear on project settings the gravity by set it to “0”.
Now hit “play” and move the object with collider body tag and try to push the other object :)

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