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Lock dynamics transformation

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 1:32 am
by _p.o.ll.o
Hi guys,

Is it possible to lock an axis for a dynamics simulation? For example, I have some object I want to simulate as a soft body, but I don't want it to move on Z axis, only in the XY plane. I can't figure it out and I haven't found anything on the internet.

Also, if I can solve this problem, I would also like to make my camera a child of the simulated object to follow it, but i would like to lock the rotation of the camera so it stays frontal while following the object. I would thank you so much if someone could help me with these.

Forgive me for my bad english and than you!!

Re: Lock dynamics transformation

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 9:01 am
by masterzone
hi! with dynamics you can't lock axis, the only way is "trap" the object that falling down with a cylinder that constrain it so you will able to handle it without other movement.
About the camera, the best way is to animate it manually with the keyframes by make it syncronized with the object falling down :)