Animating to a slow mo 75FPS videoOC

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Animating to a slow mo 75FPS videoOC

Post by mikebruce »

Hey guys,

Hope this makes sense but basically I have some 4K RED background footage shot at 75FPS which has been reduced to 25FPS to make it move slow motion. I need to animate something flying (a bird) within the scene but still make it look like it's part of the slow motion scene.

Q1: Am I right in thinking I need to render out the scene at 75FPS and reduce to 25FPS in After Effects? new projects in borivali east

Q2: The trouble I'm having is that getting the flying object to look slow motion is fairly simple (wing speed/maybe some AE motion blur) but when it follows a path (to make it look like it's flying) it follows the spline path normal speed. It's just messing with my mind a little bit and I wonder if there was a more simple process to take? 1 bhk in mulund

Q3: I'm having to take screenshots of the background scene and work out by eye the path/length of the animation... is there a way I can place the background video inside cinema 4d and preview it in there so I can map out a better spline path? Every time I try add a video to material it doesn't play in the preview window. Or maybe a way of exporting null data of the path i want the bird to take in AE and export that into Cinema? prabhadevi apartment mumbai
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Re: Animating to a slow mo 75FPS videoOC

Post by masterzone »

Hi! Welcome aboard :)

A1: for a better result it should be good to render at 75 FPS if the sequence is not hard to calculate because you know: more frames more render times. In this way you don’t need to have two different footages and you can edit it 1:1

A2: linked to the question n.1, if you work 1:1 (75 FPS) you have a better preview for animation and path because you can watch a more natural movement instead of the slow motion

A3: if you need to put into background the real footage you can make a material and load the footage on color channel. If you using a mp4 or mov or other kind of video container you will get the length and the frame rate already loaded from cinema4D. To make it visibile on the editor you have to activate “animate preview” on the advanced tab of material editor otherwise you will see only the first frame.

If you want to use image sequence folder of the footage instead of video container you can load into the color channel the first frame of the sequence and than click into the long bar where the name is showed and click on the “animation” tab where the “calculate” button is :)

Let me know

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