Python - Feed text into Motext

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Python - Feed text into Motext

Post by AltoFlash »

Hi, I need to have a Motext cycle a list of words, kind of like keyframing the "text" box, but in a more code-y way, so i can tinker with the timings with just a little code edit, instead of dealing with the dope sheet, which can be a little cumbersome.

I thought there might be a neat python script for this, since i've been looking for the way to do it with Xpresso, to no avail.

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Re: Python - Feed text into Motext

Post by masterzone »

I think "Cappellaio Matto" , Matteo from our development plugin staff, can help you. I send a message to him and maybe he will replay to you during free time :)

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Re: Python - Feed text into Motext

Post by visualtricks »

Hi, you'd probably give us more details for a useful answer:
how do you want to control the word change? Should it change automatically? Should it change every frame or you need to control the duration of each word?
Provide some info and/or better tell us what's the main goal, I'm sure we can work something out.

I'm thinking you might just achieve the same result with a cloner in Sort mode and a linear effector

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