Leaves Type not displayed

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Leaves Type not displayed

Post by roma.narsinghani »


Everything seemed to be working fine in my Easy Ivy Tool ver. 1.0.7 on cinema 4d r19..
until I tried to select a leaves type, but instead of being showing various options I was only shown 'leaf.c4d'

I'm urgently seeking a solution as this was supposed to speed up my workflow & i've seemed to have followed all the instructions given
yet i'm facing this issue.

Would appreciate some help on this

Thank you
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Re: Leaves Type not displayed

Post by masterzone »

All material I can see into your material manager are C4D native material. If you are using Octane Render you need to convert your material for a best results. :)
Don't worry about leaf.c4d, is the leaf base model we use for spread leaf into the object. You can use every time this default model and you can apply on it your alpha model of a leaf or something else.
As said, take a look to your materials because you are working with a different rendering engine

Easy Ivy material are C4D native material based on a simple texture that works on Diffuse channel and Alpha channel. You can easy re-build the material with octane material editor by using same channels :)

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