External Compositing Tag Issue

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External Compositing Tag Issue

Post by Ajerome »

Hey All,

I've got an issue here...In my scene I have a camera on an align to spline. I also have a null with a external compositing tag on it. When I import to AE the external compositing tag places the null in a different position than it should be....its almost like it is attached to the cameras position and moves with it instead of sitting still in 3D space.

If I take off the align to spline and animate the camera by hand everything works fine and the external compositing tag sits where it should.

I need to have this camera on a spline for my scene to work.

Any advice here would be great, I have been banging my head all morning with this thing.

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Re: External Compositing Tag Issue

Post by masterzone »

most problems come by using automatic animation as TAG or something similar to align to spline. You can try to bake the object. Into the time line (I don't remember where) you can find a back object that back the selected object by creating move, scale and rotation keyframes. After this action you can clear the tag and the camera will follow the same target or the same animation created before the baking.

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