X-particles burst outwards simulation

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X-particles burst outwards simulation

Post by OutlawsArts »


a great job done by Tendril, very inspiring!

how would i go about creating this initial burst of particles that expands out and keeps the shape of the diamond at 00:01 to 00:03, it seems like an easy task but im having problems keeping my simulation fluid like theirs, any help would be much appreciated.

i have attacthed the actual references for the frames

im fairly new to cinema 4d and very new to xparticles

it would be great if anyone could share an approach on creating a simulation like this!

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Re: X-particles burst outwards simulation

Post by masterzone »

mmm this kind of X-Particle simulations are hard to do and need a good Particle skills. I don't know why in your test the simulations isn't fluid as expected. We ne do know your approach or watch something from you otherwise is difficult to help :)

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