Uv mapping issue

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Uv mapping issue

Post by tom.sb »

Hi everyone,

I need to integrate 3D different glass models inside a Three.js editor in order to then apply various patterns/visuals on them.
I thirst worked on recuding the polygons of thoses models (they were made using Blender by another person).

The problem is that theses models aren't UV mapped and it distorts the applied image : https://imgur.com/a/OuOvhkV

I tried to UV unwrap the models in C4D using this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O72fjPg4YX8

But here's what I get : https://imgur.com/c99DO2Y
Best results seems to be achieved using projection type like Flat, Cubic or Box, but evertime the pattern will get distorted somewhere and I have no idea how to fix this..

And I need to UV map all theses different models : https://imgur.com/0sS74LX So I'll probably have to use different projection types also ?

Thanks very much to all of you for your time,


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Re: Uv mapping issue

Post by masterzone »

Yes you need to use UVmapping for best results, but did you try the Cylindrical projection? usually is the best way for object like that. You can use the cylindrical projection and convert it into the uv projection if you need the UV mapping. Otherwise if you can use the Cylindrical mapping try it first :)

If you need to unwrap the cylindrical object as glass, you can use the UV PEELER tool that come with cinema4d BodyPaint UV Edit, try to google something as uv peler Cinema4D, is a good tool for unwrap cylindrical objects :)

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