Is C4Depot Legit or Not?

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Is C4Depot Legit or Not?

Post by pacificm »

I just purchased and installed C4Depot's Infinite Ocean and City Rig into C4D R23.  I used them in a couple of project files that were not complete, but I had put a considerable amount of work into them.

I initially had some questions which I submitted to all of the C4Depot posted email addresses repeatedly and received no response at all.

Then, I just attempted to open up the two files today containing C4Depot Infinite Ocean and City Rig.  With both files I got a "Cannot Open File" warning screen.  Now, when I go to File/Recent Files in C4D these files are not listed.  Plus I cannot locate them on my hard drive.

I called up Maxon and asked them if they had ever heard of C4Depot or of files not opening or disappearing like this and Maxon said they had never heard of anything like this.

Is C4Depot a legit company or not?  Has anyone had any experiences with them?  Please let me know.  Thanks!

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Re: Is C4Depot Legit or Not?

Post by masterzone »

We don't know directly C4Depot site staff but I think it is a serious company. Maxon's or other site as us, can't solve the problems because only the plugin developer can help you.
Try to contact them on other ways as Facebook or socials instead of send email. Maybe your email are into the spam folder, maybe happen sometimes..
Anyway it sounds strange...

ps: I move your message to the general forum instead of C4Dzone plugins forum :)

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