Fixing some hair problem

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Fixing some hair problem

Post by samusse5 »

Hi. it's me again, and since im starting to use hair more professional, I alwais have a problem when is time to render a lot of hair (like 17.780.006 hair). It always appear a huge line across the model. I already tryed to make less hair but i need all of that.
please help me, and sorry for my bad english

red v4 mesh 1.png
Here's the issiue.
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Re: Fixing some hair problem

Post by masterzone »

Unfortunately Hair is not easy to render. For covering a character you need a lot of them can't do nothing about...:)
Maybe the only way is to change the rendering engine. If you go to optimised render engines, hairs should be rendered on a simple way but if you are using internal rendering engine you need a lot of time :(
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