Vertex Map Animator 3.1

Vertex Map Animator 3.1

€ 15,00 + vat


Vertex Map Animator is a Cinema 4D plugin that helps user to create and animate special effects using the Vertex Map Shader.
The plugin is composed by 2 tags plugin: Vertex Map Animator and Vertex Map Life.
All these tags workflow is similar: they need a vertex map tag to animated. This vertex map will be used by vertex map shader within material channels.
Vertex Map Animator: This plugin can interpolate two or more vertex map thanks to a simple animatable property, it will write the transition on the associated vertex map.
Vertex Map Life: This plugin simulates the grow or death of a organic life on to a polygon.
Starting from a base vertex map, frame by frame the plugin will invade the whole polygon.

- Add new feature Automatic conversion of Vertex Map to Polygon Selection
- This feature is available on Vertex Map Life Tag and Vertex Map Animator Tag.
- There is also a new Tag called Vertex Map Converter which can convert static or dynamic vertex map
- Add new feature Vertex Map Proximity Controller
- Add new tag Vertex Map Inverter
- This new feature give the possibility to interact easier with MoGraph, Thinking Particles, Hair etc and produce amazing effects.
- New property "Correction" to modify the influence on the map

This plugin will be activated based on your hardware configuration, OS and C4D release. There is not connection between the plugin and Cinema4D serials. Please take a look the Therms and Conditions if you want to know how the activation works (PDF)

- This is a simulation and cannot be baked so DO NOT jump forward and backward on the timeline, if you need to see the animation state at a certain frame use only Play and Stop animation button.

Cinema4D and system requirements:
- Cinema4D release R13 or greater
- OSX Snow Leopard or greater
- Windows 7 32/64 bit or greater