simple (probably) align-question

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simple (probably) align-question

Messaggio da perik » mer mar 26, 2014 3:54 pm


Im new to Cinema4D and have a question about a simple thing to do but I cant figure out how.

1) I have two Cone-objects which I want exactly side by side. How do I align the two Cone-objects?

2) On each cone-object there is bend-deformer applied. I want to centrate the bend-deformer so it is right on top (centrated) over each cone object.

How do I manage these two simple tasks?


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Re: simple (probably) align-question

Messaggio da masterzone » sab mar 29, 2014 12:05 am

Hi perik welcome aboard :)

If you want to align two object you can do that by use the coordinates tab into attributes manager. If you select two cone objects you can set the position coordinates at the same value and objects will move at the same position, try the "Y"

If you using the r15 you can move and fit the deformer with "fit to parent" option and the deformer will include the whole object. In other way you can use the "transfer" tool you can find from "tools" menu > arrange objects > transfer tool. With this tool you can transfer position scale and rotation of the object by dragging the target object into it.

Select the deformer, get the tool, and put into its attributes the cone object. Hit apply and the deformer will move on the same position and rotation (the scale I don't know) of the cone.

Try to verify the axis position of cones because the axis is very important. :)

Let me know if I helped you :)

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