opal mother of pearl material

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Ben Jano
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opal mother of pearl material

Messaggio da Ben Jano » sab feb 07, 2015 4:14 pm

Hi guys.
I was wondering if anyone could help me out to achieve materials like OPALS/MOTHER OF PEARL, specially in terms of texture.

Here you are some examples:
SOMA%2B-%2BSix%2B%26%2BFive-4.jpeg (33.69 KiB) Visto 233 volte
1000x1700644a.jpg (35.7 KiB) Visto 233 volte
MilkyRawOpal.jpg (40.12 KiB) Visto 233 volte
white-mother-of-pearl-pairs.jpg (108.38 KiB) Visto 233 volte
tumblr_niioj8XlID1s7y29yo1_1280.jpg (30.96 KiB) Visto 233 volte
tumblr_nbbn3mIyg41r40lvlo1_500.jpg (21.28 KiB) Visto 233 volte

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Re: opal mother of pearl material

Messaggio da masterzone » mer feb 11, 2015 5:03 pm

hello! mmm usually the first site to keep in mind is www.cgtextures.com where you can find a tons of textures free...
Did you search on it?

ps: for the physical material I think you need to use SSS layer on vray material or if you are using cinema4D, the SSS shader into the luminance channel and a little works on reflectance channel with some coloured layer...

alex ;)

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