Teamrender & XREFS

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Teamrender & XREFS

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Dear, if I use team render and there are xrefs in my file then there are missing pieces of image in my visual ... or sometimes the render just does not render at al. The team render starts and then stops after a few seconds ... I'm only just starting using Xrefs. The Xrefs are all grouped together in a folder on our server. I find very little information about this problem ...

When i render without team render there is no problem, when i delete the xrefs there's no problem also.

can someone help me?

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.44.14.png
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Re: Teamrender & XREFS

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HI and welcome aboard,
I found many issues about xref and team render. Never used it on network rendering but maybe you need to make it editable.
Sorry but I don't know any solutions :roll:

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