Generating new UVM coordinates

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Generating new UVM coordinates

Messaggio da BCG_01 »

Hi guys.
I’m trying to generate a texture from a BG compositing project of a google earth area and I need to animate a cube with a portion of the surface with the exact texture area of it. I'm starting from a Frontal projecting mapping, the problem is that when I generate the UVM coordinates the texture doesn’t match. Any advice you could give me.
Here’s a link with some reference pics of my problem. Thanks ... 9zLTA/view

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Re: Generating new UVM coordinates

Messaggio da masterzone »

Hi, welcome aboard.
Its simple to do that, follow me:

1) place your landscape and the cube in a NULL object
2) put your google map texture into the NULL
3) change the projection to CUBIC instead of UVW
4) go to TAG menu and hit "adapt to objects" and hit yes if a prompt appears

now you have the landscape mapped and also the cube match the landscape texture

5) copy the texture TAG to the cube and then into the landscape and remove it from the null object

now you have the same coordinates with a cubic map, so you can move the cube up and down to see that they are matching the same texture.

If you need to adjust other faces of the cube you can use polygons selection to map differently other faces

let me know

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