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Hair/Feather animation

Inviato: dom nov 05, 2017 7:48 am
da cilindro
Hey guys, I come with little problem that I recently had, trying to convert a feather object into dynamic hair and link to a dynamic spline.

my Steps:

Create a root spline.
I create my feather (with the feather tool over this spline).
Convert the feather into hair ( my feather comes dynamic , the same shape but now is hair ).

After that point , animate my root spline with spline dynamics but I can't link the Hair feather to this animated spline
(the feather follow the spline before I convert it to hair but after this, I can't connect it ) (obviously is not a solution leave the feather just in feather mode)

Maybe I'm skipping some step or maybe there are some tricky way to connect this two things. I hope someone can help me solve this problem

Thanks !