Vray denoiser

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Vray denoiser

Messaggio da matt3d »

Vray drive me crazy, I'm working on Vray 3.6 and I need to use the denoise features because my render times are huge.
I already optimized all, objects, textures, materials, but the bucket mode is very slowly compared to the 1.9 past release.
I know already how denoiser works but what kind of settings I need for the bucked mode? threshold and other parameter drive me crazy :? :?

any help is welcome

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Re: Vray denoiser

Messaggio da masterzone »

Hi Matt, thanks to be here on C4Dzone.
Using the Bucket mode is the right way to use denoiser features but you need to change default settings to 0.06. With this poor quality you will render with a medium noise and with very good render time.
Remember that this kind of settings requires denoiser otherwise your render will be very grainy :)

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