Recording character pose

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Recording character pose

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Hello everyone, I'm just an amateur.

I'd like to make a simple character. Just foward-kinematics with no rigging. Very simple. The goal is not use it in animation but simply place it in various pose for single image rendering.

I wonder if there's a way to "record" the various poses. I mean memorizing somehow the position/rotation of single sub-object of the main character such to be able to return the character in "idle" position and back in various poses.

Thankyou in advance for any suggestion.

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Re: Recording character pose

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Yes you can do it via key frames.

1) move the goal at time 0 with your preferred pose
2) select all joints and hit “add key frames”
3) now you registered all joints with position, scale and rotation
4) move to frame 1
5) move your goal for the second pose
6) select all joints and hit add key frames again

That’s all :)

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