Introducción a Thinking Particles

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Introducción a Thinking Particles

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Introducción a Thinking Particles


This is the new video series published in our YouTube Channel. This time we will be talking about Thinking Particles. During this series we will learn how to create an Avalance of Rocks falling down a mountain, using some of the TP Presets. We will be also covering topics regarding scene creation, texturing, deformers, lighting, pyrocluster and animation.

I hope you find this useful, the videos are available in HD and as usual they are in spanish but you will be able to follow along very easily. Also don't forget to suscribe our channel or follow us via Facebook or Twitter.

Take care, bye.
Julio G. Mora

Part I - Introduction
* Taking a look at the final animation and a few words about TP Presets.

Part II - Scene Creation
* Landscape Object
* Disc for the Water
* Formula Effector
* Physical Sky

Part III - Scene Creation
* Volumetric Light
* Omni Light

Part IV - Texturing, Pt. 1
* Layers in Color Channel
* Displacement
* Reflection & Transparency

Part V - Texturing, Pt. 2
* Review of changes made off-screen
* Displacer Object

Part VI - Thinking Particles & Pyrocluster
* TP Configuration
* Presets (Rolling Emitter, Planar Gravity, Object Collision & Group Change)
* Pyrocluster (Density, Globals)

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Re: Introducción a Thinking Particles

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Wow, that is very nice, i hope i can follow the tutorials, thanks ! :)

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