Camera GripTools News (MOCAP)

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Camera GripTools News (MOCAP)

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My name is Jan van Akker and I'm the founder of "Camera GripTools".

Camera GripTools is a professional real-time desktop motion capture system for Cinema 4D.
With GripTools you can use physical devices to record motion in real-time.
This can be a huge time saver for complex animations.

I am very happy to introduce our new Camera GripTools OSC Xtension for CINEMA 4D.

As you probably know, OSC stands for ‘Open Sound Control’.
It is a protocol for communication amongst computers and other multimedia devices.
Although originating in music technology, it is now widely used to control all kinds of equipment.

Today's smartphone devices are triggering the birth of a huge amount of apps featuring touch interfaces and a lot are OSC capable.
Apps now available for the Apple and Android platform range from straight fader control surfaces to multidimensional controls, experimental audio, color, GPS, physics, etc.

We think that the OSC Xtension will open gates between iOS/Android/Mac/Windows apps on one side and Cinema 4D on the other.
These new possibilities now become available to create motion in the CGI world using the well known and familiar GripTools system.

Some OSC Xtension highlights:
- Seamless integration with the standard Camera GripTools system
- 64 axes assignable to C4D object properties
- Handles multiple apps (senders) simultaneously
- Handles both WiFi and wired devices
- Auto detection of incoming OSC messages
- Clear setup dialog offers great overview of the OSC message content

Visit the website for videos, manuals and a free demo:


Jan J. van Akker

Friesland AV Software

--- About Camera GripTools ---

Camera GripTools is a real-time desktop motion capture system for CINEMA 4D:
- Animate objects by using multiple physical devices (at once).
- Control C4D object properties in real-time
- Record the captured motion in real-time.
- Direct Motion Injection (DMI) makes GripTools a huge time saver
- Track after track or all at once recording simplifies complex animations.
- You can use all input devices from one clear and uniform screen interface.
- GripTools allows for use of multiple Xtensions simultaneously.

You can currently find the following Xtensions in our web shop:

* OSC (Open Sound Control)(Mac, Windows soon)
* iXplorer (Apple mobile iDevices)
* HID Xtension (joysticks, game controllers)
* MIDI Xtension (general MIDI and Behringer fader panel)
* TrackIR Xtension (head tracking)

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