Missing textures in inspector manager

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Atelier Crilo
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Missing textures in inspector manager

Messaggio da Atelier Crilo »

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if it happens to other users to have problems with the asset manager in the S22 version.

I see the missing textures disappear from the list by the asset inspector, and there is no way to select them or make them reappear except through the old "Project Info". I'm on Mac OS Mojave. With hundreds of textures, it makes it impossible to work, and in the R23, the same behavior remains.

Here is a quick video:
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Re: Missing textures in inspector manager

Messaggio da masterzone »

Sometimes happens to me, seems some texture becomes cached somewhere without possibility to recover it. Did you try to copy and paste all models into another empty project? try to save as on the same directory for the previous files so all texture will be re-linked as well...
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