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Thanks works now. Deleted previous content. Great plugin. Got confused about the asset browser. Just delete my post.
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Re: FrameGenerator

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Dear jbotofte, thanks for been here.

The plugin works absolutely fine as shown into the video demo that I made. The plugin has material SLOTS where you can drag and drop your materals. It's absolutely normal that the plugin doesn't came with materials because the cardboard and frame can be made with a very very easy material. A simple roughness material for the cardboard and a simple shiny material for the frame. You can also find many pictures to put into the picture slot as portrait, environment pictures and much more.
You MUST also put the glass material into the slot if you want to see the picture during render.

About your issue, if you don't see the picture, are you sure you are created the glass before? otherwise you can see only the picture into the viewport but not during render. You can find an option "view glass in editor" that show you the glass for verify if all is fine but it could cover the picture on viewport.

You don't need the UV tag because the picture will adapt perfectly to the picture slot so you don't need it.

Also just realised the plugin is included for free in the asset browser for R25. Wish they said something about this instead of just grabbing my money... Will delete plugin again. Never shopping here again.

Absolutely not! our plugin is not included on Cinema4D asset browser in anyway. C4Dzone plugins are not linked with Maxon's Cinema4D staff so the frame generator plugin is a totally different from FrameGenerator preset included into the asset browser. We are a very well known site and we totally respect the costumer. We not scam the costumers with tools that doesn't works and we working hard for make better plugin for Cinema4D.
We are very sorry that you deleted the plugin. FrameGenerator is a very good tools.

If you need support about how to use the plugin, please deeply follow the videos into the documentation folder. The plugin is very easy to use and will give you a very range of personalization in an easy way.
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