Material & Render Engine Error ??

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Material & Render Engine Error ??

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HelIow guys , i am fairly new at cinema4d , and i have a problem ???

have made a model in Autodesk inventor and exported as a OBJ with materials and etc. when i load it in Cinema , if i have the Redshift render engine selected , it allows me to see materials , but if i want to render with the Standard engine , it does not show me the materials and i don't know how to activate the materials editing , so i can edit and add my materials ( from Bridge ) myself - i know how to put new materials on top , but it does not allow me . If i try to put materials on top a face , it auto applies to all model or it just adds it in the material pack . - Trying to show the render engines and the materials - Trying to put materials on top

i have made 2 short videos explaining, and as you can see ,i can't drag and drop on top of the material, but on other models , i could. i am willing to pay for your time, just to have sense of what i am trying to do.

Thank you very much
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Re: Material & Render Engine Error ??

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If you want to convert all material to the standard render engine during import, go to C4D preferences panels and go to settings I show you into the screenshot below.
By importing C4D standard material you can easily change it or convert to other rendering engine. For me this option is life saver because every time I'm try to import OBJ or FBX scene I need C4D materials and not RS materials...
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 09.15.34.png
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 09.15.34.png (513.66 KiB) Visto 1273 volte
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