Problem with Softbody dynamics

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Problem with Softbody dynamics

Messaggio da semaj4712 »

Hey guys, I am trying to do a symple animation with a Lanyard, however I cannot get the dynamics to get to a rest state to start the animation. I have tried everything, I have attached the project file, and if you play forward you will see that the card portion just flys off the bottom of it, if I delete the card and just keep the clasp, it works fine, I have set the mass on the card to basically nothing and it still wont work. Any help would be appreciated. ... hGDXLRQ6Fx

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Re: Problem with Softbody dynamics

Messaggio da masterzone »

Hi Semaj, could you please provide us the file via Drive but with public permissions? Google want a registered account for getting file...if you are under 10 MB you can zip it and attach here on the forum via "full editor & preview button"

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