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C4DZone don't want to impose any rule on how to write or behave on the forum. This is because we don't think its necessary and until now, users that came here did talk, exchanged ideas and opinions, shared their knowledge, always respecting other users and the Community, and for this we have to thank you all.
Just let us give you some tips and advices to get the most satisfaction from the forum:

The board has specific sections related to different arguments, please choose the right one for your post.

Choose a good Subject (title) for your post. Naming it "Help me!" or "Question" or other generic titles will let the post lose visibility. Try summarizing the content of the post instead.

Avoid (ab)use of CAPS-LOCK, on forums its like screaming. Moreover, you will probably get five "don't use caps-lock" replies and no answers :)

Don't add new questions in the same post. Try starting a new thread instead, and you'll get more visibility and possibly new answers.

Usually in the end all questions get answered, but there can be many reasons for an unsolved topic: users have to make tests, the question isn't clear enough or must be tested with specific tools and modules. Just bear in mind that this is not a chat room, and don't get mad if you don't get an answer quickly. Instead, try asking if something wasn't clear or just input more details.

Please don't feed topic flames, be polite and respectful and solve private issues in a private way.

You can write about other websites without restrictions if this is related to the topic or can help solving questions. You can report useful links to commercial and free resources, just don't abuse of this or your messages will be marked as SPAM and deleted.

A forum is made up of people willing to learn and help other people. Please try to be helpful in posts other than yours and don't expect every time an answer from the same users. Sharing the knowledge is our main goal.

When you post an image you made, be aware you can receive compliments as well as critics. Take both constructively and be open minded, that's the spirit of a community!

You can attach files and images directly inside a topic so please do not link external images/files. Try to keep the size down, scale or compress if necessary.

Please don't swear nor use inappropriate language, we won't tolerate such behavior.

Legal Notes:
Don't post serial numbers, commercial plug-ins, textures or models and, generally speaking, anything you don't know where it cames from. If in doubt, ask first to mods and admins. If you see something that shouldn't be here or its not allowed to be here, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll remove it immediately.
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