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3d baskets 4d with the cloner

31 October 2016

3D modeling can be about simplicity or complexity. It’s sometimes to even understand which things fit into either of those categories… That is, without any forethought and planning. Take for example, weaving 3D baskets. At first glance, it seems like that would be a difficult thing to model in 3D, but that isn’t necessarily so.

Proving just how easy it can be, is Niko Schatz who walks us through the process for weaving 3D baskets. The key of course, is using C4D’s Cloner to set up the repetitive nature of the intricate weaving patterns.
Add some deformers to make the basket an interesting and nonuniform shape, and you have a seemingly complex object that is executed rather simply as a 3D model, with a bit of planning at the start.