C4D Landscape shading Kit

C4D Landscape shading Kit

22 December 2009

> Working with 2D maps is nothing more than putting a sticker on a surface or a socket around an object. With high details geometry this method always generates a mess: projection problems, stretching, seams, repetitions, visible pixels, etc... An entirely procedural 3D material overcome these issues by providing a 3D definition of the material independent from the polygonal structure of the object. A 3D material will always look as it should, no matter how intricate the geometry is. Tedious parametric projection or manual UV mapping is not required at all. Assigning these 3D material to a geometry is an instant gratification drag and drop affair.

> Since procedural shaders are algorithms converted in pixels only at the rendering stage, they are totally resolution independent. They offer high details shading, without the cost of high resolution maps or the sacrifice of tiling.

> This materials library is optimized to provide flicker free animations and fast renders. It is also extremely light. The whole kit, made of 170 different materials weights only 3 MB.

> To give you an idea of the level of details you can expect, please download a 10000x10000 pixels preview of one of the Rock Base material here (note: This is a flat 2D low dynamic range preview!).

> This LANDSCAPE SHADING KIT is available only as a digital download. A short HTML manual in English and French is included. The file will be accessible to download directly after making the payment.

> By acquiring this KIT, you're not merely buying a product, but sponsor a partner. Any further extension or improvement of this materials library will be provided free of charge to all owners.

> Support is available in English and French.


For more informations visit: http://www.ericsmit.com/Landscape-Shading-Kit/index.html