C4Dzone Plugin and S22

C4Dzone Plugin and S22

4 May 2020

Dear Users, we would like to bring to your attention this official communication about the C4Dzone compatibility and the Cinema4D S22 early release.

As you know our development staff is always very careful to bring to you good and stable products always available for old and new Cinema4D releases. We works very hard to give great plugins for good prices.

As every year Maxon bring out the new Cinema4D release with great features and we need to bug testing, recompiling and verify all our products to fits new Cinema4D SDK features and technologies so it takes a lot of hard job. 

After the early S22 release, as Maxon's wrote on its site the S22 is the first subscription-only release affords customers early access to massive performance and interactivity improvements and the R22 will follows at the end of this years (usually on September "Ed.") for all users.

The S22 has been released around six months from R21 and our developer staff is not yet ready to give support for this early release. Right now C4Dzone plugins will be available only for R22 when will be ready on the market.
We will always take a look to Maxon company so if something changes in to the future about Maxon's commercial organisation we will change our development policy as well.

Thanks for your time
For further informations feel free to contacts us
C4Dzone Staff