C4Dzone plugin update R16

C4Dzone plugin update R16

5 September 2014

C4Dzone has just released the R16 update for its plugins.

During the transition to R16 some plugins were updated due to a compatibility bug caused by the new Cinema 4D release.

Free Plugins:
Lost a Point

Paid Plugins:
Easy Ivy
Interior Builder
Grass Painter
Place Object
UVW Laser

For these plugins you have to download the latest package from your order detail and make a new fresh install on R16
Than just copy the lic.dat file from your previous Cinema 4D plugin folder

(even if your release number does not match the last plugin release number do not take care about it, everytime you download the package you will always download the latest version)

We have just reset related download counters within your orders so you can download again the new packages.

For the other plugin not interested by the bug just copy the folder from your previous release of cinema 4d

if you encounter any problems during the update write an email to

please indicate:

- Order Number
- plugin with problems
- a short description of your problem

Also this year C4Dzone invests a lot of time and resources to upgrade its plugins and fix R16 sdk bugs.
We still continue to mantain our policy to publish the updates for free for our customers.


C4Dzone Staff