C4Dzone plugins > S24

C4Dzone plugins > S24

15 April 2021

C4Dzone, plugins developer for MAXON Cinema4D, today annunced the C4Dzone S24 compatibility roadmap. The C4Dzone development staff is working hard to making good plugins and new C4D release compatibility, as happens on S22, right now all plugins need to be hardly tested on S24 so we can't support this release in this time.
Some of them (Violet box) are ready to go for S24 but. 
Based on our "three activations system" if you request another activation for "S" releases you will finish activations attempts quickly and you will need to buy the plugin again.

Please visit weekly our site or our socials pages about our roadmap. Remember that S24 compatibility will be tested during next months and is not a priority task. 

Thanks for your support
Stay tuned