C4Dzone speak english!

C4Dzone speak english!

27 November 2009

WARNING: if you browser don't show C4Dzone into english language, go to your User Profile (right top box) and change your language instead to chance it by flags.

Into the forum you can see now two "zone". The first one is for Italian users, where skilled users and moderators will give help to all english speaking language users, the "second zone", the english area.

There are only two sections that not contain articles. Reviews and Interviews, we are working on collect interviews and reviews about CG and Cinema4D world.
In next months we will insert into our shopping other products based on italian shopping, our PDF complete book is under translating from USA professional translator others good products.

All free resources are available in all languages. Some of these free resurce titles and descriptions are into italian language but from now we'll translate titles and descriptions to help you to choose the right model or texture for you.

Enjoy with new international C4Dzone!