Cinema 4D Supermeet 2018

8 October 2018

November 1 + 2, 2018 need to be reserved on the calendar of all Cinema 4D users and artists from the creative industry: instead of the usual “small” user meetings, this year we’re inviting you to the Cinema 4D SuperMeet at the Gesellschaftshaus in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt, Germany. In a very special atmosphere we will offer visitors high-end 3D in all its facets.


- Presentations from over 15 internationally-known speakers, including Jeremy Cox (ex-Imaginary Forces), Michaeljohn Day (ManvsMachine), Danny Ivan and Raphael Rau
- Workshops with experienced professionals who will offer insights into their workflows with Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop and other tools – including tips and tricks
- Take your career to the next level in the recruiting area with veterans from top companies or with a portfolio check with value tips from experienced artists
- Enjoy our entertainment area with the newest gadgets such as VR installations, gaming apps, laser cutter, 3D printers and much more
- DevKitchen for plug-in developers with special presentations all about APIs, Python and the chance to network with the MAXON SDK Team
- Network with speakers, colleagues, friends and new acquaintances


-The Cinema 4D SuperMeet speaker:
-Jonas Pilz & Glenn Frey, Cinema 4D Evangelists @ MAXON -
-Michaeljohn Day, ManvsMachine (UK) -
-Jeremy Cox, ex-Imaginary Forces (USA) -
-Neil Stubbings (CH) -
-ZDF Digital -
-Michael Longerich & Matthias Grundl, Jung von Matt/next Alster -
-Peter Eszenyi, ex-Territory Studio (UK) -
-Perry Harovas (USA) -
-Dusan Vukcevic (SLO) -
-f°am Studio -
-Robert Hranitzky -
-Effekt Etage -
-Marc Potocnik, Renderbaron -
-Uli Staiger, Die Lichtgestalten -
-Ulf Ohnesorge, Stilfuchs -
-Raphael Rau -
-Dr. Christoph Süßenberger, Lawyer -


A day full of inspiration demands a worthy conclusion, which is why we’ll be celebrating with drinks, snacks and music on Thursday evening at a bar in downtown Frankfurt. On Friday evening we’ll conclude the SuperMeet with a cool after work beer in the Palmengarten Gesellschaftshaus and send everyone off into the weekend at 6 pm.

You will have the chance to win great prizes, including software licenses, tutorials and more from well-known software and hardware manufacturers.

Shooting star Merk Vilson will give each participant free access to his plug-ins and premium tutorials on Patreon.

For detailed informations and buy tickets go to: