Cinema4D 2023

8 September 2022

Maxon One Fall Update Brings Advanced Simulation, Overall Enhancements and Optimized Workflows.

Enhanced Soft Bodies and Symmetry for Cinema 4D, New Capsules, Polygonal Modeling in Forger, and Improved Workflow Throughout Highlight Release.

Cinema 4D:

- Cinema 4D’s Unified Simulation System now includes Soft Bodies and new stickiness and mixed animation options.

- Vertex Maps and Vertex Color tags controlled by Fields now work on most generators, which allows artists use procedural elements when creating eye-catching effects.

- Modeling with Symmetry allows mirrored changes on the model. Users can define the symmetry using the world grid, the object axis, a custom workplane, or even the topology of the model.

- OpenColorIO enables artists to take full advantage of cinematic ACEScg color space and a unified color pipeline across all Maxon tools. Redshift OCIO support seamlessly integrates with Cinema 4D’s settings.

- Watch Folders in the asset browser allows the storage of assets anywhere on the file system.

- The improved GoZ bridge lets artists easily transfer models between C4D and ZBrush, making it simpler than ever to render sculptures with photorealism.


- Rounded Corners for Redshift CPU (previously only Redshift GPU).

- Random Walk mode for better detail, colors and more accurate subsurface scattering. Great for skin, wax and jade.

- Major developments over the last few months to improve volume technology. New blackbody shading controls for recreating realistic looking fire and smoke VDBs with emission colors based on temperature. The introduction of volumetric anisotropy to control how volumes react to the incoming light direction.

- Material Stacking for decals, material blending and texture remapping.

Both version are available for download now!
On top a full features video from Maxon.