Corona Render Beta2

Corona Render Beta2

1 October 2018

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 2 RC1 is released!

- Support for Cinema 4D R20 added
- Corona node material system has been implemented
- Scene converter (V-Ray and Cinema 4D/implicit and explicit) added
- Added a lot of new shaders (shared, triplanar, UVW randomizer, color correct, tonemap control)
- Skin material added
- Hair rendering now supported (hair object support + Corona
- Hair Material, and partial support for the Cinema hair material)
- Team render now supports denoising and noise and time limit
- Material previews are more responsive now
- New motion blur implementation (better support for simulations and much more stable)
- Added advanced camera/bokeh effects
- Corona context help dialog has been implemented (we are gradually adding links to specific articles for the individual UI elements)
- Processors without SSE4.1 are not supported anymore (this is a change to the Corona core, so the same has been true for 3ds Max for some time; this will only affect processors more than 10 years old)

For more info and download go to Corona Renderer Blog article: