DPIT-Effex Smoke Plugin

DPIT-Effex Smoke Plugin

4 August 2009

Quick Setup
Intuitive design keeping the general c4d workflow.
Hybrid Particle-Grid engine for state-of-the-art VFX.

Smoke Simulation
Generation and simulation of smoke, dust and soot.

Fire & Explosion Simulation
Generation of convincing fire scenarios including fuel combustion for explosions.

Emitters can be created and managed conveniently.
Primitive Shapes as well as complex meshes can act as sources for all available media channels and particles.

Solid obstacles influence and interact with the flow accurately even at low resolutions!
Deformed objects are of course supported

Events & Event Handlers
An Event system gives the ability to control and time large groups of emitter objects (or anything else) easily.
And all this is done without Xpresso. Direct Events offer the control of emitter specific emissions.

Fluid Particles
Flow driven Particles allowing for more precise control of simulations and renderings.

Particle Groups
Particle Groups for advanced FluidParticles and Thinking Particles setups.

Particle Rendering
Fluid Particles can be rendered with the Gas Renderer at arbitrary resolution.

SimpleParticles & TP Interaction
Massive SimpleParticles, Effex own dynamic rigid particle system, and Thinking Particles interaction!

Xpresso Support
Several Xpresso nodes allow for advanced access of almost all parts of the simulation
giving professionals the chance for professional setups.

Flow Map
Improve small scale details with flow map driven noises.

Sub-Grid Layers & Turbulence
Quick generation of higher resolutions and sub-grid turbulences. Faster & easier production planning!

Editor Preview
An accurate editor preview not only shows the smoke & fire in the editor, it also captures the shading
of smoke taking into account all lights in the scene, making it easier to foresee the rendered result.

Volumetric Rendering
A highly flexible volumetric shader (FSS Gas Renderer) allows to render participating media in a realistic manner
and fire to light the scene with R11's new GI.

Surface Shader
Burned materials and other effects can be simulated with the surface shader.

Fluid-Object Coupling
Any C4D object can be coupled to the fluid flow (one-way) with the coupling tag

Solid Rendering
Render any channel available also with the solid rendering mode giving you more artistic freedom.

Particle Forces support
Cinema 4Ds particle forces such as wind, turbulence etc. can be used as fluid force.

Simulation Mixers
Simulations and Caches can be mixed arbitrarily with each other to create more complex scenarios!

NET Render support & Caches
NET Rendering is fully supported via EFFEX super flexible cache files (10.5 or higher).
Unlimited client support included

Multicore Calculations
Currently 70% of the simulation are using all processor cores available.
This will be extented to cover up to 95% of the simulation, making DPIT Effex faster than it already is.

Color Channel
Simulating ink or mixing different smoke colors is accomplished with the color channel.

A fully functional two-week trial version of DPIT Effex is now available on the developer's website: http://www.dpit2.de Several introduction videos on the product page of DPIT Effex give users a quick start to work with DPIT Effex: http://www.dpit2.de/features/fluids.html

Until the 5th of August there is also a reduced price offer that saves customers money when they purchase DPIT Effex.

Try out DPIT Effex today!