Layer Master Plugin

2 October 2018

We are exited to bring a new Cinema 4D plugin fro all Maxon's users: Layer Master

Layer Master is a Cinema 4D plugin developed to help user to manage Layers and all functionalities in the best way. The plugin comes with great icon palette where you can manage Object Layer, assignment, new layers, selection from layer and many other features.
On the same palette you can manage the Master Layer with other features: Solo, Fill hierarchy, switching from Master to Object Layer and many other features.
You can assign a Layer as Master and create new objects with selected layer, change color and switching to other layers.
Layer Master pushes layer system to an high level compared to the standard layer manager.

- Object Layer system
- Assign Layer by selection object
- Master Layer feature
- Switching from Master Layer to Object Layer
- Coloring Layer palette
- Solo Icon
- Hierarchical button
- Object Manager search by Layer

You can buy Layer Master for 9.90 euros from C4Dzone shopping