MILA, a Cinzia Angelini Film

MILA, a Cinzia Angelini Film

1 October 2010

Mila clutches the last remnants of her past, a worn-out hat and a tattered Carousel ticket, in her hands. In the house she finds comfort and fantasizes about the last moments spent with her mother at the Carousel. As the woman mends what she can of Mila’s hat, the bond between them is cast.
The encounter is a pivotal moment not only for Mila, but also for the woman who finds in Mila what she had lost to War.
Confronted with their losses and drawn together through their ordeal, they find salvation in each other and the new life they build together.

MILA” is a CG animated short that presents the most tragic collateral damage of War - civilians, as its theme. Though often overlooked and rarely mentioned by the media, civilians are the first to be hit, and the last to be remembered.
Inspired by true stories that my mother and grandmother told me growing up, “Mila” is about a little girl caught in the middle of War.
Whether they experienced such tragedy first hand, grew up hearing the stories from relatives, elders or friends (as I did), or simply turned on the news - the story draws in both young, and adult viewers. The tragedy of War unfortunately did not end with the children of World War II. Even today, children continue to suffer from the ravages of conflict in many places around the world. It is their current plight that moves me.

If you want to take a look to the MILA TEASER feel free to visit her site:

In the field of animation for the last eighteen years, Cinzia Angelini worked as an animator in productions involving traditional as well as computer animation. She worked on feature films such as “Balto” (Amblimation), “Prince of Egypt”, “Eldorado”, “Spirit” and “Sinbad” (Dreamworks), “Spider-man 2” (“Best Visual Effects” Oscar Winner, 2004) and “Open Season” (Sony Imageworks), “Meet the Robinsons” and “Bolt” (Wart Disney Animation Studios). Cinzia recently worked for Duncan Studio on the “How to Train your Dragon” DVD Special. She is also working on two animated shorts, “Mila” and “Rhinos”, and illustrating Children’s books.
Cinzia lives in L.A. with her husband William, their daughter Sofia and their most recent arrival, Jacques.