MultipleSplineMask Free Plugin

MultipleSplineMask Free Plugin

6 October 2013


MultipleSplineMask is a Cinema 4D plugin that masks multiple splines at the same time using the spline mask object

The principle of use is very simple:
1) put the splines into the scene
2) group them (ALT+G)
3) put the multiplesplinemask object into the scene
4) set its spline join default property

If you need you can override the join of a single spline just by adding a special multiplesplinemasktag property.
If you make the multiplesplinemask object editable you will obtain the splinemask hierarchy.

You can download it for free at our plugin shopping section

Cinema4D and system requirements:

-Cinema4D release R13/14/15

-OSX Snow Leopard or greater

-Windows 7 32/64 bit or greater

Developed by Matteo Porchedda from C4Dzone staff.