ObjSequenceImporter 2.0 update

ObjSequenceImporter 2.0 update

13 September 2014

C4Dzone has just updated the ObjSequenceImporter rewriting it from scratch and developing new useful features

What's new in release 2.0
- Totally new design
- Obj Sequence usable on render farm without the plugin
- Skip and detect frames with error
- Add support for negative .obj file format
- Possibility to edit and customize each single frame

How to upgrade the plugin
Download the latest release from our store (do not take care about the release number, you will always obtain the latest release)
The plugin release 2.0 can be installed side by side with old release 1.0 in order to open your previous project but the old release will no longer supported.

This new release does not require a new activation key, you have just to copy file lic.dat from previous folder

The update is free for all previous customer