PersianaGen Plugin

PersianaGen Plugin

16 August 2013

PersianaGen is a Cinema 4D R13/14/15 plugin that helps user to create, customize, position and rigging shutters with a few clicks

The plugin creates a parametric shutter object totally customizable thanks to its properties.

Generated shutter is composed by a main frame which can be draw choosing two different types, the main frame also can be splitted from one to three sub frames totally customizable too.

Also sticks can be customized choosing shape, size, position and rotation.
Within the plugin bundle we also develop and distribute an integrated tool that make positioning,rigging and customizing all the shutters faster and easier.

In order to help user during texturing process the plugin will generate automatically a collection of selection tags name with a scheme and ready to use with materials without making editable the shutter object

The plugin works with all editions of Cinema 4D R13/14/15 (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio) and with all cinema 4D compatible engine renderers (V-Ray etc).

Thanks to its versatility you can draw shutter but also grid for air conditioning and much more

Features in this release:
- creation of a parametric shutter
- customization of main frame choosing two different types
- split the main frame from 1 to 3 subframes
- customizing sub frames, you can hide also borders
- customizing shape, size, position and rotation of the sticks
- automatic creation of tag selection for texturing process
NB: due to the complexity of generating shutter the UVW map is not aligned and relaxed

Cinema4D and system requirements:
-Cinema4D realease R13/14/15
-OSX Snow Leopard or greater
-Windows 7 32/64 bit or greater

PersianaGen is available at our plugin section store at price of 29,00 euro + VAT

The plugin is developed by Matteo Porchedda from C4Dzone Staff.