Place Object 1.0 plugin

Place Object 1.0 plugin

7 December 2012


Place Object is a Cinema 4D plugin developed in order to help user to place model objects within your scenes, this tool is absolutely suitable for interior and exterior architectural use and will save you a lot of time.

The plugin works with all editions of Cinema 4D R13/14 (Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio) and with all cinema 4D compatible engine renderers (V-Ray etc).

The plugin's working principle is very simple:

1) Select the object on which you want to place the objects, for example a room.
2) Call the Place Object Tool.
3) Drag and Drop the object to move (chair, table, lamp, etc etc) within the plugin attribute window.
4) Select object destination: floor, wall, ceiling.
5) Click on the point where you want to place the object and that’s it.

No longer will you have to go crazy with the visual and positioning tools of cinema, to furnish a room will be a piece of cake!

The plugin also has got a special mode to position the Area lights, Spot lights and IES lights.

Available now on C4Dzone shopping area at 15.00 euros + VAT

Developed by Matteo Porchedda from C4Dzone staff.