Point Morph free plugin

Point Morph free plugin

23 April 2013


Point Morph is a Cinema 4D r13/r14 plugin that helps user to create and animate complex poses quickly.

We developed this plugin in order to bypass some frustrating limitations of the PoseMorph Tag which is actually one of the best and easy tool to create and animate poses in Cinema 4D.

Point Morph works by copying the base pose into a new a new object so you can use tools like iron and slide that usually don't work with PoseMorph because they modify the base pose even if you are working on a custom pose.

You can use all kinds of tools but of corse the custom pose need to have the same number of vertices of base pose.

Another interesting feature of Point Morph is the add track spline function.
By default the Pose Morph mix the poses using the linear transition, this is not a limitation but if you want to fix this behaviour you need to waste a lot of time finding the correct rotation point of the pose because there is no visual tool that helps you during this process.
Point morph can creates a spline for each point you need to animated over a path.

You can also flip your pose and spline tracks automatically with the Point Morph tools.

Point morph also creates automatically for you a controller object with user datas and xpresso script configured and ready to use......only in one click.

Last but not the least PoseMorph is available only Studio edition of Cinema, Point morph is free and downloadable from our store and works with all editions: PRIME, BROADCAST, VISUALIZE, STUDIO

Note about correct use of Point Morph:
Before animating the poses you have to model all of them because the Optimize and Create Controller command create from scratch the xpresso script and user datas causing the loss of stored keyframe

Cinema4D and system requirements:

-Cinema4D release 13/14

-OSX Snow Leopard and MLion

-Windows 7 32/64 bit

Developed by Matteo Porchedda from C4Dzone staff.