Power Spline Plugin

2 October 2018

We are exited to show you a new plugin from C4Dzone: Power Spline!

Power Spline is a Cinema 4D plugin developed to help user to create Spline with different shapes and multi handle feature. Power Spline is very easy to use: with its object based functionality you can choose from 11 different shapes as Rectangle, Ogive, Low Arc and much more.
Every Spline come with multi handle feature to help during the placement process. Using a simple rectangle spline for creating window holes now is very easy with two interactive handles.
You can choose from fillet parameters and outline shapes for all objects.
More shapes will be added in the future.
We also included the Axis on the bottom left of the spline to give you exactly the perfect placement into your scene. There are some special shapes as Fillet J for creating infinite floors for object stage representations.

- 11 different shapes with multi handle feature
- Rectangle
- Low Arc
- Ogive
- 2 Angle Fillet Rectangle
- 4 Angle Fillet Rectangle
- 2 Rigid Fillet Rectangle
- 4 Rigid Fillet Rectangle
- Rigid Polygonal
- Circle and Ellipse
- Fillet J Shape
- Rigid Fillet J Shape

Power Spline is available for 8,00 Euros on C4Dzone Shopping.