R15 C4Dzone plugins update

R15 C4Dzone plugins update

27 September 2013

C4Dzone has just released the R15 update for its plugins.

We have just reset all download counters within your orders so you can download again the new packages.

Some plugins need new activation codes but in these cases we have reset also your codes so it's like you bought the plugin now.

The update procedure is very simple:

1) Download again the new package from your order form
(even if your release number does not match the last plugin release number do not take care about it, everytime you download the package you will always download the latest version)

2) Make a new fresh install of the plugins

3) Activate the plugins with your old generated keys

only for Spline Extruder, Isoline Helper, Chain Generator, Vertex Map Animator, Extreme Gear generate new activation keys

if you encounter any trouble during the update write an email to

please indicate:

- Order Number
- plugin with trouble
- a short description of your trouble

Even if C4Dzone invests a lot of time and resources to upgrade its plugins we decided to release this update free for all customers.


C4Dzone Staff