RealFlow and Cinema4D

RealFlow and Cinema4D

15 July 2016

Fluids simulation is one of the most challenging disciplines in the field of 3D. One of the industry’s standard tools is Realflow from Next Limit, which was already available for use with Cinema 4D. Due to Realflow’s complexity, simulations had to be meshed and then imported into Cinema 4D. Now, critical basic functions are available directly in Cinema 4D, which makes working with fluids simulations a great deal easier.

The recently released plugin connectivity to Realflow eliminates the need for importing and exporting and makes it possible to simulate fluids directly in Cinema 4D. In addition, popular Cinema 4D features such as MoGraph, Hair, PyroCluster and many other tools can be used in conjunction with Realflow. This promises a noticeable increase in production speed and flexibility.

Realflow is ideal for Cinema 4D users looking for a powerful solution for fluids simulation that doesn’t throw their workflow a curve! The proven Dyverso Solvers ensure great-looking high-end simulations. And thanks to the GPU acceleration with CUDA and OpenCL support, complex scenes can be edited quickly and easily.

A short tutorial from Next Limit gives users a first impression of the Realflow | Cinema 4D features and how it can be used.

Not all functions of the Realflow full version are integrated; a feature comparison is available on the Next Limit website.

For additional information, visit the RealFlow | Cinema 4D
product page.